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What is a Florida contractor license bond?

In Florida, individuals and businesses acting as construction contractors with a credit score of 660 or lower must post a license bond. This ensures that the public receives fair compensation for any damages or failed compliance with local and state laws. The Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board – the obligee for a Florida contractor license bond – processes licensing requests and renewals. 

The bond amount is generally $10,000 for Division 2 Contractors and $20,000 for Division 1 Contractors. However, the licensing board of Florida allows contractors to decrease their bond amount by completing a 14-hour Financial Responsibility Course

  • Division 2 Contractors who complete the course will only be required to obtain a $5000 surety bond.
  • Any Division 1 Contractors who complete this course will only need a $10,000 surety bond.

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How much does a Florida contractor license bond cost?

The amount a Florida contractor must pay to obtain a license bond is the premium. The premium is typically 1.8%-8% of the bond amount, depending primarily on the applicant’s credit score. Personal and business finances and industry experience may also be considered. 

For instance, a contractor needing to obtain a $10,000 license bond may pay around $180 (1.8%) with a credit score of 650-659 and up to $800 (8%) with a credit score of 500 or lower.

Who needs a contractor license bond in Florida?

If you want to become a licensed contractor in any of the following municipalities in the State of Florida, you’ll need to obtain a surety bond first. Click on your city, town, or county below to learn your specific requirements.


Baker County


Cape Coral

Clay County


Fort Meade

Haines City

Hernando County

Hillsborough County



Lake Alfred

Lake County

Lake Wales

Lynn Haven


Mulberry County

Nassau County


Orange County

Osceola County

Palm Beach County

Panama City

Pasco County

Polk County

Putnam County


St. Augustine Beach

St. Johns County

Walton County


Winter Haven

Winter Park

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several steps to Florida’s contractor license process. Contractors should refer to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Application Center for a complete run-through of this process. All Florida certified and registered construction contractor licenses expire on August 31st of even-numbered years (2022, 2024, and so on).

Paraphrasing Florida Statue 489.105, a contractor is an individual qualified to perform a job and bids for or offers to perform a construction-related job as an independent business.

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