About ZipBonds

Hyper focused on all things surety related and serving both clients directly as well as insurance agents, attorneys, and financial professionals across the country. We provide access to thousands of surety bonds quickly and securely right to your phone or other device.

Who does ZipBonds work with?

We work with a wide variety of clients. Some of our most common clients are construction companies, attorney’s, insurance agents, financial planners, and business owners from a number of industries.

How much does a bond cost?

Anywhere from 0.5% to 10%. Cost depends on the type of bond, financial qualifications, and credit qualifications.

What insurance companies does ZipBonds work with?

We work with a lot of different surety bond providers. Anywhere from the small regional carriers to the large national carriers. If you have a question on a specific carrier, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss.

How do know which bond I need?

The easiest way to find out which bond you need is to determine who is requiring it and what is the bond amount that they are requiring.

What kind of bonds does ZipBonds provide?

If it’s a surety bond, we have a solution for it… with the exception of bail bonds.

Is ZipBonds an insurance company or a broker?

ZipBonds is currently a broker by definition.  We work closely with our clients to find the best surety company for their needs.

How can I reach you?

The best way to contact us is by calling 888-435-4191 or emailing us at support@zipbonds.com.

How do you keep my information private?

Please see our website for the most up-to-date version of our privacy policy.

If I have bad credit, will my premium be affected?

Just because you have bad credit, does not mean you cannot get a surety bond. There are other options to overcome bad credit and have low premium. Some of those are providing financial statements or providing collateral.

Will my credit score be affected by applying for my bond?

No. Many bonds do not require a credit pull. For those that do though, the credit pull that is being done is considered a soft pull. The reason being is that it is for insurance purposes.

How do I cancel a bond?

To do this please contact the agent that helped you issue the policy or you can also contact the insurance/surety company that wrote the bond.

What is a general indemnity agreement and why do I need to sign one?

A general indemnity agreement is a contract between the indemnitor and the surety company. The indemnitor agrees to protect the surety company from losses or expenses they may sustain due to issuing a bond on behalf of a principal.

Why does my spouse need to sign the general indemnity agreement?

In most cases, assets are held jointly with your spouse. Whether that is owning a home together, joint bank accounts, titles to vehicles, etc., it is important to get all parties on the general indemnity agreement because of this.


How do I pay for my bond?

Payments can be made via credit card, ACH, or a check.


What states does ZipBonds work in?

ZipBonds is licensed and operating in all 50 U.S. states.

What if I have a current bonding program already but want to work with ZipBonds?

Sure you can! It’s actually quite easy. Contact one of our company representatives to see what the best way to assist your company would be or to simply get a quote.


How do I file a claim?

Email support@zipbonds.com or call 888-435-4191 to get assistance in filing a claim with the surety/insurance carrier that provided the bond.