ZipBonds for Agents

Start selling surety bonds instantly with confidence and ease. We’ll show you how.

Why ZipBonds for Agents?

ZipBonds is a full-service surety bond broker that lives and breathes surety. We can help your agency save time, remove uncertainty, and grow your book of business. Our team provides everything you need to sell surety bonds quickly. Here’s what sets us apart from other surety bond providers.

How ZipBonds for Agents Solves It:

Construction Bonds

Construction bonds are required for government projects, public works projects, and some private-enterprise construction jobs.

License/Permit Bonds

License and permit bonds protect consumers and governments by holding businesses accountable to laws and regulations.

Court & Probate Bonds

Court and probate bonds are types of “fiduciary bonds,” ensuring people fulfill their legal obligations.

Fidelity Bonds

Fidelity bonds protect employers from damages associated with losses their employees may cause.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Think of ZipBonds like your in-house bond dept. They are specialists that will help your clients faster and better than most agencies can and have all the tools and resources to get your client bonded. I love ZipBonds and so do my clients!

Todd T.

I cannot express how happy I am to have stumbled upon ZipBonds. Zach was able to help me out, answer all my questions, and set up my company with the bond that we needed. This is the go-to option for contractor bonds from now on! Any other option is the hard way for sure.

Christopher M.

When it came time to get a bid bond for one of our contractor clients, there was only one place we thought of: ZipBonds. I knew they would be able to guide me through the bond process. Thanks!

Ken M.

How to Get Started with ZipBonds for Agents

Our all-digital platform is all about speed. We can process and approve many bonds immediately online so you can get them ASAP. Book a free demo with us to learn more about how the platform works, or create your account now if you’re ready to roll!