In the dynamic world of insurance, staying ahead of the curve is key to success. For insurance agents seeking to broaden their portfolio and provide comprehensive coverage to clients, venturing into surety bonds can be a strategic move. 

This article explores several reasons insurance agents should start selling surety bonds and leverage ZipBonds as their trusted partner. 

We make selling surety so simple—even if you’ve never considered it before! Enhance the value you bring to your clients while earning top commissions at the same time. It’s a win-win.

Why Insurance Agents Should Start Selling Surety Bond Today

1. Diversify your offerings.

Offering various products will help you meet the diverse needs of your clients. Surety bonds complement insurance coverage by providing an additional layer of financial security. And many of your clients already need bonds! The state requires them in many cases. 

For example…

By diversifying your offerings to include surety bonds, you position yourself as a one-stop shop for client risk management needs.

2. Expand revenue streams.

Selling surety bonds offers new revenue streams for insurance agents. The construction industry relies heavily on surety bonds, presenting a lucrative market. With ZipBonds as your partner, the process becomes seamless, allowing you to tap into this market without the complexities traditionally associated with surety bonding.

3. Enhance client relationships.

Surety bonds are pivotal in fostering trust between clients and their partners. Insurance agents demonstrate a commitment to comprehensive risk management by offering surety bonds. 

ZipBonds, with its expertise and streamlined processes, ensures that agents can provide clients with the assurance they need, thereby strengthening client-agent relationships.

4. Streamline the surety process with ZipBonds.

Partnering with ZipBonds is a game-changer for insurance agents looking to sell surety. The platform streamlines the entire surety process, from underwriting to issuance, allowing agents to focus on what they do best (building relationships with clients!). ZipBonds handles the background work, making it a hassle-free experience for agents and clients.

We know that selling, let alone getting bonds from surety providers, can be complicated and tedious. But we’ve already established the necessary relationships with top-notch providers and do all the background work when it comes to underwriting bonds. You don’t have to have the expertise, capacity, or even carrier options to sell surety. We take care of it all for you behind the scenes.

All you have to do is find out what your client needs, and we’ll deliver.

5. Get guidance from experts whenever you need it.

Navigating the world of surety bonds requires expertise. Insurance agents can leverage ZipBonds’ knowledge and resources to guide clients through the intricacies of surety bonding. This instills confidence in clients and positions the agent as a trusted advisor.

We have blog articles, individual pages explaining all types of surety bonds, infographics, videos, and more – all on our website and social media platforms. (Did we mention these resources are all free?) We can also hop on a call anytime to help you when needed.

6. Seamless integration with insurance policies.

Surety bonds and insurance policies often go hand in hand. With ZipBonds, insurance agents can seamlessly integrate surety bonds into their product offerings. This integration enhances the overall coverage provided to clients, creating a more comprehensive risk management strategy.

7. Stay competitive in your market.

As client expectations evolve, staying competitive in the insurance industry requires innovation. Offering surety bonds sets insurance agents apart from the competition. ZipBonds empowers agents to stand out by providing a solution that meets clients’ evolving needs and ensures a competitive edge in the market.

We also prioritize technology at ZipBonds and strive to stay on the cutting edge regarding deliverability, security, and speed. Many of our bonds are issued instantly on our website. And our technology is a breeze to use.

Start Selling Surety Bonds with ZipBonds Today

Selling surety bonds with ZipBonds can help you diversify your offerings, enhance revenue streams, and strengthen client relationships. Consider us your personal surety division – with on-deck help whenever you need it. Our full-service team is available by phone or email to answer your questions. 

Explore the possibilities of surety bonds to elevate your role as a trusted advisor in the insurance industry. Contact us any time via Live Chat, email, or phone!