Who doesn’t love a good success story? At ZipBonds, we work hard to make them happen. 

Client Success Story [ZipBonds Case Study]

A new insurance agent contacted us, struggling to get his current client bonded on a project.

The Facts

  • The client needed a $250,000 performance and payment bond on a job he already won. 
  • He’d gone through bankruptcy five years ago due to some medical issues he had. 
  • He’d put up a certified check on the bid bond. 
  • The client had experience doing jobs of this size and had some money in the bank.

Our Solution

Even though the client’s credit status was challenging, we were able to go through the SBA (Small Business Administration) to get this customer taken care of. 

The SBA offers a unique service: the SBA Surety Bond Guarantee (SBG) Program. This program is designed to help small and up-and-coming businesses get bonded. The ideal candidates for this program are contractors who have the skills and know-how but lack the experience and financial assets to be securely bonded outside the program. Zip Bonds is a preferred bond provider for the SBA. 

Learn more by reading “What is an SBA-guaranteed surety bond?

Our Philosophy

ZipBonds truly believes that just because a contractor has had some bad luck, it doesn’t make them a bad contractor. Workmanship is a huge part of the overall picture and, in situations like this, diving deeper into that aspect is critical. We have various solutions to get you or your clients to a YES – whatever the bonding needs.

ZipBonds for Agents

Our goal with ZipBonds for Agents is to partner with insurance agents looking to grow their book of business quickly and easily. Our team provides everything you need (branded website, standard and nonstandard bonds, expedited service, and more) so you can start selling bonds instantly. We have no premium commitment and can help you earn top commissions with ease.

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