ZipBonds (West Des Moines, IA) has acquired Coverage Direct Surety Bonds based in Fort Worth, TX

Effective immediately Coverage Direct Surety Bonds based in Ft. Worth, TX, will become part of the ZipBonds portfolio of companies.

The two companies found each other in a unique way. The principals of ZipBonds, Ryan Swalve and Zach Mefferd, started another company 7 years ago named Coverage Direct.

Zach Mefferd, President of ZipBonds shared, “When we started Coverage Direct nearly 7 years ago, there was only one other business we could find that was operating with the name Coverage Direct. That business was a commercial surety bond specialty broker in Fort Worth, Texas. At the time Ryan and I could have never imagined we would not only be doing business in Texas, but also have launched ZipBonds, a business solely focused on selling surety.”

“To our surprise in 2016 Jim and Diane Brown walked into our office asking to talk to owners of Coverage Direct because they owned Coverage Direct in Texas.” Ryan mentioned, “Both Zach and I were a little nervous, but there was no need to be. That day we became friends with Jim and Diane Brown.”

Jim Brown added, “We have remained friends with Ryan and Zach for the last 7 years and I was one of the first agents on the ZipBonds platform. Sadly, in December 2021 Diane passed away unexpectedly. After losing Diane, I decided to spend more time doing ministry work. It was a natural transition that ZipBonds acquire Coverage Direct Surety Bonds.” Jim added, “We are a family, and this is going to be even better than before!”

ZipBonds will be retaining Jim Brown on a part-time basis.

More about ZipBonds:

ZipBonds provides nationwide access to thousands of surety bonds quickly and securely by partnering with the best national and regional surety companies to provide you with a true one stop shop.

Contact for more information:

  • Jim Brown, 817.913.4605,
  • Zach Mefferd, 888-435-4191,
  • Ryan Swalve, 888-435-4191