West Des Moines based Coverage Direct Holdings announced today the addition of their newest entity Zip Bonds (www.ZipBonds.com) a technology platform that removes the friction in the often-misunderstood process of acquiring a surety bond.  According to Co-Founder Zach Mefferd, “Zipbonds.com will allow consumers to select, pay for, and immediately print thousands of commercial surety bonds online.” He went on to add, “In addition to commercial surety options, we have created a proprietary underwriting process we call our ‘Zip Score’ which allows contractors looking to bid bonded work the option to get pre-qualified for contract surety in a matter of minutes.”

Although Zip Bonds will work directly with clients, they also plan to provide a concierge service for insurance agents and brokers throughout the country. “Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how inefficient the process of securing the right surety can be”, stated Co-Founder Ryan Swalve. “Our service will allow agents to ‘Zip over’ surety opportunities. Our team will work on their behalf to place the best option and free up time for them to focus on their core business and clients.”

The Zip team are finalizing key components of their platform and plan a launch of their full site by the end of July. Interested parties can reach out directly at ZipBonds.com

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