How to Get a Vermont Bonded Title

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What is a Vermont bonded title?

A Vermont bonded title is a certificate of title branded with a surety bond. When purchasing a vehicle, a driver who doesn’t receive the original title may need a bonded title to prove ownership. With a bonded title, you’re free to register, insure, and sell your car as you please.

A bonded title has a surety bond – called a title bond – attached. The title bond guarantees that you are the vehicle’s legitimate owner and protects parties that may suffer losses if you aren’t.

Someone may file a claim against your bond if they suffer financially due to your claiming ownership. If the claim is valid, you must settle it. Your surety can help if you can’t pay on the spot, but you’re responsible for full repayment.

Get Your Vermont Title Bond:

Quick Takeaways

  • A Vermont bonded title is a certificate of title branded with a surety bond.
  • Drivers who don’t receive the original certificate of title when they purchase or obtain a vehicle may need a bonded title.
  • A title bond guarantees that you are a vehicle’s legitimate owner.
  • Before applying for a bonded title in Vermont, contact your local DMV to ensure you’re eligible.

When do you need a Vermont bonded title?

In Vermont, you need a title to register, sell, or transfer ownership of your vehicle. If you don’t have adequate proof of ownership (a title) for your car and you can’t reach the previous owner to obtain it, the Vermont DMV may require a bonded title. This situation can occur if:

  • You never had the title to your car.
  • You lost the title before it was transferred to your name.
  • The title you received was incorrectly assigned.
  • The previous owner never had the title.
  • You purchased a vehicle that was either abandoned or unclaimed.

If your title was lost or destroyed but registered in your name, you can apply for a replacement title instead of a bonded title.

How to Get a Bonded Title in Vermont

Before applying for a bonded title in Vermont, contact your local DMV to ensure you’re eligible. There may be a different way for you to obtain your title. If there is, you must attempt it first. Follow the process below if the DMV assures you that you need a bonded title.

1. Write a statement.

You will need to include a statement in your application that explains why you don’t have a title and the history of your vehicle. Ask your DMV to run a record search to help you fill in the background information.

2. Determine your vehicle’s current value.

You can use NADA to find your car’s average trade-in value. You will use this to get the correct surety bond in step five.

3. Fill out an application.

Complete the Vermont Registration, Tax and Title application. You will need to get a VIN inspection to fill out this form.

You can get a vehicle inspection and appraisal at a licensed dealership in Vermont or with a licensed appraiser from the Vermont Department of Finance & Management.

4. Include title documentation and applicable fees.

If possible, include a bill of sale, the title, or an old registration certificate in your application package. Also include applicable tax, registration, and title fees.

5. Get a title bond.

Apply for a Vermont title bond with a qualified surety provider like ZipBonds. The application will look like this: Motor Vehicle/Vessel Title Bond. Your surety bond must be worth 1.5 times the value of your vehicle.

6. Send your application.

Mail your completed application package to the following address:

Department of Motor Vehicles
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603

How much does a Vermont title bond cost?

Vermont title bonds are quickly issued, typically cost around $100, and have a 3-year bond period. After the bond expires, there is no requirement for the bond. You will be eligible for a standard certificate of title.

To avoid claims against your bond, make sure that you are the valid owner of your vehicle before applying for a bonded title.

Get a Title Bond in Vermont

The experts at ZipBonds can help you obtain the bond you need. To connect with one of our team members, please give us a call at 888-435-4191 or email us at We’ll walk you through the process for title bonds to help you get bonded in a flash.



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