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What is a Texas title bond?

A Texas title bond is a surety bond for Texas residents without a certificate of title to their vehicles. If you fall into this boat, you may need to purchase a title bond to register and insure your car.

Suppose you have incorrect or insufficient evidence of vehicle ownership and can’t contact the previous owner for the documentation you need. In that case, you may need to apply for a bonded title in Texas to claim ownership of your vehicle.

What is a bonded title in Texas?

A bonded title in Texas is a certificate of title with a bond attached. In short, it proves that you own your vehicle. It also protects past and future owners, lienholders, and anyone else with a security interest in your car if they suffer damages due to you claiming ownership. When you post your title bond, you’re promising you’re the legitimate owner and agree to take responsibility if other parties suffer losses.

Get Your Texas Title Bond:

Quick Takeaways

  • A Texas title bond is a surety bond for Texas residents without a certificate of title to their vehicle.
  • A bonded title proves that you own your vehicle.
  • To qualify for a Texas bonded title, you must be either a state resident or military personnel stationed in the state.
  • Title bonds are quickly issued, typically cost around $100, and have a 3-year bond period.

Who needs a bonded title in Texas?

If you never received a title when you bought or received your car, your title was improperly assigned to you, or you lost it before transferring it to your name, you may need a Texas bonded title.

What to Do if You Bought a Vehicle Without a Title in Texas

1. Find out if you’re eligible for a bonded title.

To qualify for a Texas bonded title, you must be either a Texas resident or military personnel stationed in the state. You must also legally possess the vehicle. If it’s considered nonrepairable, junked, or ineligible for a title for another reason, you won’t qualify. Your vehicle must be complete – with a body, motor, and frame.

Contact the Texas DMV to ensure you’re eligible before applying.

2. Submit your bonded title application.

If you meet the requirements for a bonded title, proceed by compiling and submitting the following documents to your nearest TxDMV Regional Service Center.

  • Supporting evidence of ownership (invoice, bill of sale, canceled check, etc.)
  • Photo ID
  • Bonded title application
  • $15 processing fee (cash, check, or money order)

3. Wait until your application is approved.

If your application is approved, you will receive a Notice of Determination for a Bonded Title or Tax Assessor-Collector Hearing. This form will tell you what bond to purchase in the next step.

4. Purchase a Texas title bond.

Your bond must be equal to 1.5 times your vehicle’s value. You can get a three-year bond from a direct surety provider like ZipBonds for as little as $100. Keep in mind you will only have one year to purchase your bond before your application expires.

5. Apply for your bonded title.

Finally, you can complete the Application for Texas Title and/or Registration. Just make sure you do so within 30 days of purchasing your bond. Take your original Notice of Determination that you received from the Regional Service Center (along with all documents listed in Step 2) to your county tax office.

Once your application is received and approved, you’ll be issued a bonded title.

How do Texas title bonds work?

A Texas title bond must remain in effect for three years from the date of issuance. When the bond expires, the bond will be returned to the owner (unless someone has filed a claim against it). If someone files a claim and says you owe them money, your surety will investigate to determine if the claim is legitimate. If it is, you must reimburse the claimant for their loss.

No. If you can get the lien released, then you can obtain a bonded title.

Texas title bonds are quickly issued, typically cost around $100, and have a 3-year bond period. After the bond expires, there is no requirement for the bond. You will be eligible for a standard certificate of title.

Get Your Title Bond in Texas

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