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What is a bonded title in South Dakota?

A South Dakota bonded title is a certificate of title with a surety bond attached. The surety bond is called a title bond and protects former owners from damages. If you end up not being the true owner and another party loses money because of it, they can file a claim on your bond for compensation.

You must settle the claim if it’s legitimate (after investigation). If you can’t, the surety will settle it for you. You must then repay your surety in full.

How does a South Dakota bonded title work?

South Dakota only allows a resident to obtain a bonded title if their vehicle is at least 30 years old and no records on the car or bills of sale exist. If you meet these criteria, can request a bonded title via the South Dakota Department of Revenue website.

Once you receive your bonded title, it must remain active for three years unless the original title is found. After the three years have passed and no one has filed any claims against you, you can submit a Bonded Title Release Form. You must also submit other required documentation, including a new title application.

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Quick Takeaways

  • South Dakota only allows a resident to obtain a bonded title if their vehicle is at least 30 years old and no records on the vehicle or bills of sale exist.
  • Once you receive your bonded title, it must remain active for three years (unless the original title is found).
  • Follow the process below to apply for a South Dakota bonded title successfully.
  • Title bonds typically cost $100 and must remain active for three years.

How to Get a South Dakota Bonded Title

1. Fill out a Bonded Title Request Form

Start by filling out a Bonded Title Request Form and paying the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office in Pierre $2.00 for a record search. The MVD may also require you to submit additional forms or information.

2. Get a vehicle inspection.

If no records appear, the MVD will determine the current value of your vehicle – if possible. If more information is needed, the MVD may request an MVD Agent vehicle inspection. After the MVD knows the value of your car, they will send you a Vehicle Valuation for Surety Bond form and other applicable paperwork.

3. Purchase a title bond.

You can get a South Dakota surety bond from a direct provider like ZipBonds. The bond must be equal to 1.5 times the value of your vehicle.

4. Submit your complete documentation.

Compile all of your application documents, and take them to your local county treasurer’s office. There, you will receive your bonded title.

Here’s what you’ll need to submit with your application:

  • Bonded title request form
  • Title bond
  • Application for Motor Vehicle and Boat Title & Registration
  • Any other documents you received from the DVM during the application process
  • Applicable fees

You must complete the application process within 24 months from the date you submitted your request form, or you’ll have to start the process over.

How much does a South Dakota bonded title cost?

South Dakota title bonds are quickly issued, often cost only $100, and have a 3-year bond period. After the bond expires, there is no requirement for the bond. You will be eligible for a standard certificate of title.

Get a Title Bond in South Dakota

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