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What is a bonded title in Minnesota?

A Minnesota bonded title is a certificate of title with a surety bond attached. The bonded title allows you to claim ownership of a vehicle you purchased without a title. With it, you can legally transfer ownership, register, and insure your car.

The attached surety bond is called a title bond. It may also go by other names in Minnesota, including “certificate of title bond” and “ownership and security interest surety bond.” The bond guarantees other parties that you are the valid owner of the vehicle.

If someone else ends up being the true owner, they can file a claim on your bond. When that happens, your surety will investigate if the claim is valid. If it is, you must satisfy the claim, or your surety will do it for you. You will then be responsible for paying them back in full.

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Quick Takeaways

  • A Minnesota bonded title is a certificate of title with a surety bond attached.
  • The bond guarantees other parties that you are the vehicle’s true owner.
  • Your vehicle must be at least six years old to qualify for a bonded title.
  • Minnesota title bonds are quickly issued, typically cost $100, and have a 3-year bond period.

Who needs a bonded title in MN?

If you never received a Minnesota car title when you bought, inherited, or were given your vehicle, or you lost the title before you could transfer it to your name, you may need a bonded title. Your car must be at least six years old to qualify.

If you had a title in your name and lost it, you won’t need a bonded title. You can get a duplicate certificate of title instead.

How to Get a Bonded Title in MN

To get a bonded title in Minnesota, follow this general process. Ensure you contact your local DMV before applying to ensure your eligibility.

You can learn more about the process and regulations by checking out these resources:

1. Complete an application to title your vehicle.

Fill out the Application to Title/Register a Vehicle. You can get your application online or from a local motor vehicle deputy registrar office. You must either get the seller’s signature for Section C or submit a bill of sale identifying your vehicle (including the VIN, year, and make), the buyer’s name, and the date of purchase.

2. Complete a Statement of Facts.

The seller should complete the Statement of Facts form. If you can’t locate the seller, you can fill out this form yourself by clearly stating the circumstances of your situation.

3. Complete an Affidavit form.

You can fill out an Affidavit Regarding Due Diligence online or print it out. Don’t mail it in. Submit it directly to a local deputy registrar office instead.

When you visit the deputy registrar office, you should receive a title bond form and the required bond amount you need (which will be 1.5 times the value of your vehicle).

4. Take photos of your vehicle.

You must also provide photos showing all sides of your vehicle and the VIN plate.

5. Get a Minnesota title bond.

Purchase a title bond for 1.5 times the value of your vehicle from a surety provider like ZipBonds. These bonds are often issued quickly and cost around $100 for a three-year term.

6. Submit your completed application and title bond.

Take all your documents to your local deputy registrar office, including your title bond.

7. Pay appropriate fees.

Pay sales tax and any title and registration fees that apply.

How much does a certificate of title bond cost in Minnesota?

Minnesota title bonds are quickly issued, typically cost $100, and have a 3-year bond period. After the bond expires, there is no requirement for the bond. You will be eligible for a standard certificate of title (removing the bonded brand) if no one has filed a claim against your bond.

Get a Title Bond in Minnesota

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