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What is a bonded title in Arizona?

A bonded title in Arizona proves that you truly own your vehicle. It’s simply a regular vehicle title with a surety bond attached (called a certificate of title bond). Once you obtain your bonded title, you can legally register, insure, and sell your vehicle. You may need a bonded title if you bought your car without a title and have no access to it.

The surety bond will financially cover previous owners, lien holders, subsequent purchasers, and anyone who acquires a security interest in the vehicle.

You won’t need a bonded title if you previously had a title to your vehicle in your name. In this case, you can prove your ownership and get a duplicate title instead. Simply pay a small fee and fill out a Title and Registration Application with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

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Quick Takeaways

  • A bonded title proves that you rightfully own your vehicle.
  • Once you obtain your bonded title, you can legally register, insure, and sell your car.
  • Your bonded title will be valid for three years in the state of Arizona.
  • The surety bond value must be one and a half times the vehicle’s value.

When to Purchase a Surety Bond for Your Title

You might need a bonded title (a title with a surety bond attached) if you bought a car without a title. According to the ADOT, you may need to go through the bonded title process if there isn’t “enough documentation to satisfy a claim of ownership or if there are undisclosed liens on the vehicle or mobile home being titled.”

Arizona Bonded Title Process

Follow this general process to obtain a bonded title in Arizona successfully.

1. Contact your local Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Your MVD will ensure that you’re eligible for a bonded title. They will also check into your vehicle’s record to see if any liens exist. If they do, they must be released before you apply for a bonded title. The MVD may have you fill out a Motor Vehicle Record Request form.

2.  Get a vehicle inspection.

A designated law enforcement officer or inspector at an MVD office will inspect your vehicle to verify the VIN (vehicle identification number) and ensure that your car was not stolen. Make sure the assigned officer knows you’re applying for a bonded title.

3. Send certified letters if necessary.

If someone’s name appears on the record search or someone was involved in selling you the vehicle, you can send them a certified letter requesting they sign the title over to you. Otherwise, they may send a notarized letter saying they don’t claim any vehicle ownership. They must respond within 30 days.

4. Fill out a Bonded Title Affidavit.

Your local Arizona MVD office will provide this form. You will share how you obtained your vehicle and state why you don’t possess the title.

5. Finish your application.

Once you’ve submitted all the required documentation and assessed your vehicle, you can submit your Bond Title Application. In turn, your local MVD should assign you a bond amount.

6. Get your surety bond.

Apply for a surety bond in the amount assigned, pay a premium, and print and sign your bond. Then submit the bond to your MVD to get your bonded title.

How long does a bonded title last in Arizona?

Your bonded title will be valid for three years in the state of Arizona. Once the term is up, you can apply for a non-bonded vehicle title.

The cost of your surety bond will depend on the value required. The bond value will be one and a half times the vehicle’s value. You will pay a small percentage of this value to obtain your bond, which could be as little as $100 for a three-year bond.

Get a Bonded Title in Arizona

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