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What are the new fireworks laws in Michigan?

In 2018, Michigan passed a new fireworks law giving local government entities the right to restrict the days and times their residents can use consumer fireworks. In other words, cities, towns, and villages may enact local ordinances to limit fireworks usage. However, state law requires local entities to allow fireworks on various days after 11 AM (ClickOnDetroit):

  • June 29 to July 4 until 11:45 PM
  • July 5 (if on a Friday or Saturday) until 11:45 PM
  • The Saturday/Sunday before Labor Day until 11:45 PM
  • The Saturday/Sunday before Memorial Day until 11:45 PM
  • December 31 to January 1 until 1 AM

Here are some other requirements in the State of Michigan regarding fireworks:

  • Consumer fireworks (Roman candles, bottle rockets, etc.) must meet Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.
  • Consumer-grade fireworks may only be ignited from personal property
  • Licensed retailers may only sell fireworks to individuals 18 years old or older.
  • It’s illegal to set off fireworks while under the influence of drugs or intoxicated.

Get Your Fireworks Permit Bond:

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What is a Michigan fireworks bond?

In Michigan, anyone applying for a consumer fireworks certificate for a retail location that isn’t a permanent building or structure must post a $5,000 surety bond. The bond ensures that policyholders pay all required sales taxes and fireworks safety fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re applying for a certificate to sell consumer fireworks in Michigan, you must obtain a fireworks bond as part of the application process. Submit your application no later than April 1 of each year you plan to sell consumer fireworks.

Each retail establishment that is a permanent building or structure must pay a fireworks certificate fee of $1,250. Every retail location that isn’t a permanent building or structure must pay a $1,000 fee. If you have ten or more retail locations in non-permanent buildings or structures, you will need to pay a $700 fee for each site.

Fireworks bonding requirements can vary from state to state. In Michigan, you’ll need a $5,000 bond. Fireworks bonds are easy to obtain and often cost just $100. We don’t even need to pull your credit to issue this bond.

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