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What is a Missouri contractor license bond?

Missouri contractor license bonds are often required for professionals doing mechanical, demolition, and electrical work. Some municipalities in Missouri require contractors to get bonded, including St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, St. Charles, and Jefferson City.

If a contractor breaks the law, the license bond helps protect parties that may suffer harm or experience devastating financial effects as a result. Missouri contractor license bonds are contracts between three parties:

  • Principal: The bonded contractor 
  • Obligee: The city requiring the bond for the work taking place in their area 
  • Surety: An organization that issues and backs the bond 

Learn more about how contractor license bonds work in our complete guide.

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Contractor License Bond Requirements for Missouri

Missouri contractor license bond requirements depend on trade and location. The first step is ensuring your business is compliant with the Missouri Department of Revenue guidelines. Next, check with your local governing entity for additional license and permit needs.  If you plan to work in any of the following locations, you may need to secure a contractor license bond first:

  • Cape Girardeau: Plumbing Contractor Bond
  • Arnold: Mechanical Contractor Bond
  • Columbia: Plumbing Contractor Bond

  • Farmington: Contractor’s License Bond
  • Gladstone: Contractor All Trades Bond
  • Joplin: Contractor’s License Bond
  • Sikeston: Electrical Contractor Bond
  • Sikeston: Plumbing Contractor Bond
  • Springfield: Contractor’s License Bond
  • St. Louis: City Communications Contractor Bond
  • St. Louis: City Demolition Contractor Bond
  • St. Louis: Contractor All Trades Bond
  • Jefferson City: Plumbing Contractor Bond
  • Jefferson County: Electrical Contractor License Bond
  • Marshall: Plumbing Contractor Bond
  • St. Louis County: Missouri Electrical Contractors Bond
  • St. Louis County Public Works: HVAC Servicer-Installer Contractor Bond
  • St. Louis County Public Works: Mechanical Contractor Bond
  • St. Louis County Public Works: Sheet Metal Contractor Bond
  • St. Louis County Public Works: Sprinkler Fitter Contractor Bond

Required bond amounts can be $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, or $25,000. If you plan to work in any of these areas, contact ZipBonds to find out which bond you need. You can also contact your local governing authority to learn more.

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