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Who needs a contractor bond in Great Bend, Kansas?

Various contractors must become bonded and licensed to work in Great Bend, Kansas. City ordinances divide contractors into license categories by trade: 

  • Class A/General Contractor: Performs any act as a building contractor for building, remodeling, or repairing any structure or addition
  • Class B/Building Contractor: Performs any act as a building contractor limited to the erection, addition to, remodeling, and wrecking of commercial buildings not exceeding three stories; additionally, may perform nonstructural remodeling to commercial buildings exceeding three stories
  • Class C/Residential Contractor: Performs acts limited to construction, remodeling, and/or repair of one- and two-family residences and building accessories
  • Class D/Roofing Unlimited Contractor: Performs the installation, repair, and replacement of roof coverings
  • Class E/Roofing Limited Contractor: Performs the installation, repair, and replacement of residential steep roof coverings
  • Class F/Limited Contractor (Includes Sign Contractors): Performs one or more specific specialties of construction, building, or structure-related activities
  • Class G/Demolition Contractor: Performs demolishment of any building
  • Class H/House Moving Contractor: Performs relocating/moving any building
  • Electrical Contractor: Provides electrical wiring services as an independent contractor 
  • Mechanical Contractor: Provides mechanical operations and/or mechanical systems services as an independent contractor
  • Plumbing Contractor: Provides plumbing services as an independent contractor

Keep in mind that licensing and bonding provisions can also be set at the county and state levels. For example, in addition to the Great Bend contractor bond, you may also need a Kansas contractor license bond.

Get Your Great Bend Contractor License Bond:

How does a contractor license bond work?

To apply for a contractor license in Great Bend, contractors must first secure a bond from a surety provider. Contractors must include their bond in the application paperwork submitted to the city. 

Items to Include in Your Great Bend Contractor’s License Application

  • Completed application form
  • Trade certificate (only applies to electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors)
  • Proof of general liability insurance (minimum of $500,000)
  • Great Bend contractor license bond ($5,000)

These items must all remain active throughout the two-year license term. Applications must be submitted biannually by June 20 of even-numbered years to renew. Construction activities in the area, including contractor licensing, are overseen by the Great Bend Building Inspections Department.

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