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Who needs a NY auctioneer bond?

To become an auctioneer or run an auction house in New York City, you must post a $2,000 surety bond as part of the licensing process. This auctioneer bond protects the public against misrepresentation, fraud, substitution, and other illegal activities during the auction process. 

If an auctioneer conducts business unethically, the bond provides financial protection to clients who experience harm. Illegal activities include false advertising, deception, selling goods prematurely, and misinforming the public about pricing or sales. 

Your bond must be properly signed and name the City of New York as the Certificate Holder. Submit a copy of the bond receipt to NYC Consumer and Worker Protection, proving you’ve paid your bond premium in full and that it doesn’t expire before the licensing period ends.

Get Your NY Auctioneer Bond:

How much does an auctioneer bond cost in New York?

$2,000 auctioneer bonds in New York City may cost as low as $100. Because the underwriting process is simple, we can often issue these bonds instantly. Then you can purchase and print your bond to fulfill your city and state requirements.

Once your bond is issued, it will remain active until canceled. NY auctioneer bonds are valid for two years and expire on June 15 of even-numbered years (2022, 2024, etc.). Remember to renew your surety bond before it expires to continue operating your business. If you plan to cancel your bond, provide your obligee (City of New York) with a written notice beforehand.

How to Become an Auctioneer in New York

To become an auctioneer in New York City, follow this general process (see the application checklist for details):

You must first register an account with the City of New York before filing your application. Ensure you gather all of the items listed above before proceeding with the online application.

Apply for a NY Auctioneer Bond

To fulfill the bonding requirement in your New York City license application to sell merchandise by public auction, fill out our simple bond application. Once you’re approved, you can pay for and print your bond. The application process is simple, and auctioneer bonds are often issued instantly.


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