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What is an Instructional School Bond?

facility that requires an instructional school bond

An instructional school bond is a type of surety bond. Many states require schools to acquire these bonds to ensure their academic institutions faithfully fulfill contracts and agreements. Colleges and private schools often handle large financial transactions and are required to abide by strict regulations. If you’re a dean, private school board member, another college […]

Zip Bonds Press Release

West Des Moines based Coverage Direct Holdings announced today the addition of their newest entity Zip Bonds (www.ZipBonds.com) a technology platform that removes the friction in the often-misunderstood process of acquiring a surety bond.  According to Co-Founder Zach Mefferd, “Zipbonds.com will allow consumers to select, pay for, and immediately print thousands of commercial surety bonds […]

What Is the Difference Between Insurance and a Surety Bond?

“You want to find a contractor that is bonded and insured.”  You hear this sentiment echoed all the time, from contracting companies screening new hires to homeowners considering a renovation. And it’s absolutely true. As a contractor, being insured and bonded is a fundamental part of the job description.To compete in the job market as […]